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Civilization Bearers

It was believed in some ancient cultures like in Ancient Egypt, that when people cease

to exist, it’s only for a temporary time, It’s just a journey to another world where they

would lead a new life. So, they would put all things they had used when they were

alive in the chamber where they rest, to use it in the afterlife...They designed everything

in a way to live forever.

My sculpture series ‘The bearer’ is a ship-like that delivers the mummy and its needs to

the life of immortality.

I’m always inspired by things representing immortality, rebirth, and regeneration.

I got my inspiration for this series from the Egyptian chambers that are found all

over the world filling museums.

There are these incredible sarcophaguses that had eyes painted on them. The eyes are to

tell that “the mummy watches the outside till it’s back there”.

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